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FLRI. provides support to US prime contractor in Iraq
Iraq-National Capacity Development (NCD) Program
August 2006, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) awarded the cooperative agreement for the Iraq National Capacity Development Program (NCD) to Management Systems International, Inc. (MSI), a Washington, D.C. based consulting firm. NCD is a two year, plus one option year program valued up to $165 million. As a contract consortium member, Fire Lake Resources, Inc. will provide specialized procurement services in support of this important program.
The objective of the NCD Program is to assist the Government of Iraq (GOI) in improving the effectiveness of its operations, management, and policy formulation process, thereby strengthening the capabilities of its national-level institutions. The program will achieve this by:

  • Providing short-term, immediate support to the GOI for key priorities
  • Executing medium-term activities to improve and standardize public administration systems
  • Revitalizing GOI training centers

The expected long-term result is a civil service shaped by an institutionalized, sustainable training system that provides leadership and modern management through Iraqi public institutions.

FLRI will conduct specialized commodity procurement services for Checchi and Company Consulting, Inc. under the USAID, Bolivia Administration of Justice Program.
– Administration of Justice Program, USAID (2005 – 2009)
In February 2005, USAID awarded Checchi a four-year contract to implement the Bolivia Administration of Justice Program. The Program has three principal objectives: (1) strengthening the capacity of justice sector operators and institutions to successfully implement a new Code of Criminal Procedure; (2) increasing access to justice through support for the establishment and expansion of Integrated Justice Centers; and (3) developing and promoting commercial and administrative law reforms. The first objective emphasizes technical assistance and training activities to strengthen the Judicial Branch, the Public Ministry, the Public Defender’s Office and the Forensic Investigation Institute.  The second objective focuses on technical assistance to expand the Integrated Justice Center Model, which provides mediation and other justice-related services to marginalized communities.  With respect to the third objective, Checchi is strengthening specialized commercial and administrative courts, as well as supporting the establishment of arbitration and mediation centers at the national level. As a subcontractor on this important initiative, FLRI will provide specialized commodity procurement and logistic services in support of this program.

FLRI subcontracted to Washington, DC based prime contractor to conduct specialized procurement and logistic services for Nicaragua justice program.

Nicaragua – Strengthened the Rule of Law and Respect for Human Rights, USAID (2005 – 2008)
After successfully completing a five-year project to strengthen Nicaragua’s public defense and prosecutorial functions, Checchi was awarded a new contract to expand and deepen the justice reforms and respect for human rights. In addition to further developing the institutional roles and technical expertise required by the new, adversarial criminal justice system, the new project, launched in April 2005, emphasizes improving judicial independence, increasing access to justice for marginalized groups, and encouraging broad civil society participation in the reform process. Among other activities, the project is collaborating with Nicaraguan law schools in the design and implementation of a new standardized curriculum, establishing in-house training units for public defenders and prosecutors, supporting the establishment of community mediation centers, and administering a $1 million grants program for NGOs engaged in oversight and advocacy of justice and human rights reform. FLRI will provide project support in the area of commodity procurement and related services.

FLRI Establishes Alliance with Home Depot

The Home Depot Supply

FLRI is pleased to announce the formation of a partnership with Home Depot Supply under the company's Socio-economic Development Program and in conjunction with Subpart 19.9 DLA Mentoring Business Agreements Program for 8a and Small and Disadvantaged Businesses. The newly created relationship will bring benefits to both companies, as well as the clients they serve.

As a Native American owned 8a Company with extensive procurement and logistics experience, FLRI is well positioned to participate in the numerous federal, state and local procurement programs. FLRI use of the Home Depot Supply procurement channel will immeadiately give FLRI the ability to service clients from 20 strategically located distribution points throughout the country. Additionally, the partnership will give FLRI access to the Home Depot Supply's 13,000 item MRO catalog at most favorable pricing.

On August 26th 2004 FLRI. was accepted to participate in the nine year SBA 8a program.

The SBA administers two particular business assistance programs for small disadvantaged businesses (SDBs). These programs are the 8(a) Business Development Program and the Small Disadvantaged Business Certification Program. While the 8(a) Program offers a broad scope of assistance to socially and economically disadvantaged firms, SDB certification strictly pertains to benefits in Federal procurement. Companies which are 8(a) firms automatically qualify for SDB certification.

Today’s 8(a) Business Development Program is strengthened and improved to be a truly effective business development vehicle. New regulations permit 8(a) companies to form beneficial teaming partnerships and allow Federal agencies to streamline the contracting process. New rules make it easier for non-minority firms to participate by proving their social disadvantage. We also have implemented the new Mentor-Protégé Program to allow starting 8(a) companies to learn the ropes from experienced businesses. Our task is to teach 8(a) and other small companies how to compete in the Federal contracting arena and how to take advantage of greater subcontracting opportunities available from large firms as the result of public-private partnerships.

The new and improved 8(a) Program has become an essential instrument for helping socially and economically disadvantaged entrepreneurs gain access to the economic mainstream of American society. SBA has helped thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs over the years to gain a foothold in government contracting. Participation is divided into two phases over nine years: a four-year developmental stage and a five-year transition stage. In fiscal year 1998, more than 6,100 firms participated in the 8(a) Program and were awarded $6.4 billion in Federal contract awards.

Benefits of the Program

Participants can receive sole-source contracts, up to a ceiling of $3 million for goods and services and $5 million for manufacturing. While SBA helps 8(a) firms build their competitive and institutional know-how, the agency also encourages them to participate in competitive acquisitions. Federal acquisition policies encourage Federal agencies to award a certain percentage of their contracts to SDBs. To speed up the award process, the SBA has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with 25 Federal agencies allowing them to contract directly with certified 8(a) firms. Recent changes permit 8(a) firms to form joint ventures and teams to bid on contracts. This enhances the ability of 8(a) firms to perform larger prime contracts and overcome the effects of contract bundling, the combining of two or more contracts together into one large contract. Program goals require 8(a) firms to maintain a balance between their commercial and government business. There is also a limit on the total dollar value of sole-source contracts that an individual participant can receive while in the program: $100 million or five times the value of its primary SIC code. The overall program goal is to graduate firms that will go on to thrive in a competitive business environment.

Awarded contract with Checchi and Company Consulting, Inc.

Montenegro Judicial System Reform Program

FLRI is providing procurement consulting services to Checchi and Company Consulting, Inc.  Our services will to help modernize the laws that affect the operation of the Montenegrin judicial system, implement structure and changes required under the new Courts Act, and reconfigure the operations of the courts through modern court administration and case management techniques.  Working with the Ministry of Justice, the Supreme Court and the Judicial Training Center, Checchi is providing assistance to help establish new Appellate and Administrative Courts, promote changes in the laws to increase the independence of the judiciary, and improve case management at all levels of the court system. In addition, Checchi is providing training to enhance the capacity of judges and court staff to effectively formulate and implement procedural reforms in order to improve the management and administration of the court system.

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